Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a number of questions that you may have about a local or UK move.

We provide an answer to each question, however if your question is not there or you need more information, then please get in touch with us.

Securing a cardboard box with tape

One of the secrets of a good move is good planning, so as soon as you know you are going to be relocating, start contacting reputable removal companies. Don’t leave this to the last minute. Even if you don’t have a completion date on your house then you should still contact removal companies in good time.

Ask your removal company as many questions as you can – after all you are entrusting these people with your prize possessions. Here’s a list of questions we recommend that you consider…MORE

Yes, this is the norm, unless someone is moving long distance where an overnight stay is required.

Both your solicitor and your seller’s solicitors will have agreed a time for key exchange. Ask your move manager how long loading your home contents may take – so if you anticipate receiving your keys at 13:00hrs for example and loading the vehicle and travelling to your new home is approximately 4 hours, then you should book for 09:00hrs.

The main options are:MORE

Packing is usually best carried out a day or 2 before move day to ensure move day goes to schedule and there are no delays.

Small pictures can go into a box together, larger pictures or mirrors should be bubble wrapped and then using cardboard or a flat pack box to protect the front and rear, tape together as a make shift box, alternatively slide the picture inside the flat packed box and secure the sides with tape.

If you do not have the original box, wrap bubble wrap around the TV and then use a flat pack box or sheet of cardboard to protect the screen. Remember to keep remote control handy.

It is a good idea if food stuffs are run down in the weeks leading up to move day. If there is food needing to be moved then placing any liquids, sauces, oils, etc., into a sealed bag prior to being placed in a box is a good idea to prevent spillage. Food stuffs should not be placed into storage in any event.

No, we provide portable hanging garment boxes that can be filled on your removal day and these are provided as part of our service.

Generally, no, small to medium chest of drawers can remain packed with light non-fragile items unless advised by our representative at the time of his survey.

Only if you have specifically requested this service and it has been costed and included within your written quotation, otherwise you should ensure all dismantling is completed prior to our vehicle arriving. Items that require dismantling include beds, wardrobes that are too large to remove, trampolines, child shoots and garden sheds etc.

No, all electrical items should be disconnected, washers should be drained and freezers defrosted prior to the arrival of the removal team.

We are able to disconnect electrical fittings and appliances but this must be booked in advance to arrange for a qualified electrician to visit your property prior to the removal day. A separate charge will be made for this.

Yes, we can arrange for all your plants to be moved but please let us know at the time of quoting as they take up a lot of space and can’t be stacked.

Yes, all items need to be emptied and cleaned thoroughly prior to the removal day such as lawnmowers, motorbikes etc. For health and safety reasons we do not permit the transportation of any flammables, batteries, or pressurised containers.

If there is a need for windows and doors to be removed, then please let us know at the time of quoting and we will arrange a professional joiner/glazer to do this on the removal day.

The contents of lofts and attics should be sorted out and packed before the removal day. Our house removal team will not be able to do this unless it is boarded and well lit with a safe point of entry, we can let you know at the time of quoting.

Yes, we do but the contents of your garage or garden shed should be sorted and packed prior to the removal day and tools bundled together for safety during handling.

Yes, we have a waste license but there will be an additional charge for this service.

For domestic & UK moves payment should be paid 5 working days prior to the actual move date unless we have agreed payment on completion

Where possible Moving Home Made Easy as part of their recycling policy will collect cartons. These should be flat packed ready for collection. The collection will take place when we have a vehicle next in your area.

Will Moving Home Made Easy provide hanging wardrobe cartons on the day of the move. Should you need to dismantle a wardrobe in advance of your move we can supply these in advance but it may incur an additional charge.

If Moving Home Made Easy are packing, we will include the necessary materials in the move price. If you decide to undertake your own packing materials can be supplied and the charge for these will be notified to you at the time of quotation.